What are scratch & dent appliances?
You first might be wondering what scratch and dent appliances are. If you have looked into big-ticket appliances before, you might recognize the term. Scratch and dent appliances are brand new, large appliances that are sold at huge discounts by third party retailers. These appliances are perfectly new, fresh off of the assembly line, unused (mostly) and function properly. The difference is that their external packaging was damaged, therefore the only thing really wrong with them are small, cosmetic imperfections. Most times, the scratches and dents are hard to even notice and might be out of sight.

How much can you save on scratch & dent?

Purchasing a scratch and dent appliance can get you a mint condition fridge, stove or washer/dryer at used appliance prices. Many times you can find them at anywhere from 40-60% off of the retail price. This can be a huge advantage if you are looking to remodel your kitchen on a tight budget, but know that you need/want new kitchen appliances. When homeowners go looking for new appliances, they go to big department stores and first look at name brand prices. When they walk through the store, these astronomical prices can certainly stop anyone in their tracks, discouraging their vision of remodeling their kitchen or getting a new washer/dryer set.

It might be hard to believe that these brand new appliance are sold at extremely discounted prices because of small scratches or dents. The only way to believe it is to come down to our warehouse and see our selection of beautiful appliances for yourself. Most times scratches and dents on the appliances are on the sides or lower corners of the appliances, making them barely noticeable! Especially considering that appliances might be installed between cabinets or next to a wall, any scratches or dents can be easily hidden that might be on the sides.
The good news about scratch and dent appliances, is that for most of them, the warranty protection is still in place. Steep discounts don’t always negate warranty protection. We make sure that all of our appliances come with a warranty protection plan.
While brand new appliances might have a larger selection and won’t have any imperfections, their hefty price tag can be a huge drawback and reason why potential buyers seek out appliances elsewhere. If you have a specific budget for your kitchen build or remodel, buying brand new appliances can quickly take up the majority of that budget running you thousands of dollars.
Many people might have the assumption that scratch and dent appliances mean they are used, beat up and unreliable. That isn’t the case at all. In fact, they are just as good as brand new appliances just with small imperfections and without the excessive price tag.
At Same Day Appliance we specialize in the best scratch and dent appliances at the lowest prices. Check out our extensive inventory of ovensstovesdishwasherswashers and dryers. We would love to help you get a great deal on an awesome scratch and dent appliance.

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